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Inter-Continental Web, Inc.

Proveedor de rotativas offset y equipos para la impresión de periódicos

Your source for second hand Web offset presses

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Inter's Experience


Harris V15A, Harris V15D, V22, V-25, N-845

Baldwin Stackers

Heidelberg Harris

Web Press

Goss Suburban, Goss Community, Goss Urbanite

Web Leader. Atlas and Quadstacks

Jardis and Enkel splicers, horizontal and vertical ovens, web aligners, infeeds, ribbon decks, plow formers, full page compensators, unit registers and conveyor systems.

We offer the following web presses and products

Quipp Stackers

King Press

News King, Media King, Color King

Quipp 400, Quipp 500

Inter-Continental has negotiated and sold equipment in five continents.  Our knowledge and experience allows us to assist in the purchase and sale of your excess equipment. Our multilingual staff can locate and or sale your equipment worldwide. We also promote auxiliary equipment such as:

105 Count-o-Veyor, 106, 109, 209